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7 Facts About Professional Wikipedia Writers

Wikipedia was officially and publicly introduced on 15th January 2001. It has been more than two decades since its popularity and success. Before the launch of Wikipedia, there were many other physical encyclopedias available to people. People used Britannica, Oxford, Cambridge, World encyclopedia, and Merriam to find knowledge and information.

They provided them with a complete thesaurus and language dictionary. Thesaurus was used to increase the vocabulary of words in the English language. It provided a comprehensive list of new words with their meanings to all readers for better and clear understanding.

People used the language dictionary to find difficult words in English and other languages spoken and written languages of the world. The idea of Wikipedia was to create a free and open platform where anyone can have an access to write and edit articles. It literally shook the world and took them by storm.

The concept immensely got popular and people became familiar with this new online and digital internet-based encyclopedia platform. Initially, it was restricted only to special people such as university students and scientific research scholars. However, later on, Wikipedia was accessible to the general public. The fundamental objective behind this encyclopedia platform is to deliver a voluntary-based service to customers. It still works on the same idea after a long decade period.

There is not a single penny involved in the creation and promotion of Wikipedia to the audience. It is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that depends on volunteers, contributors, members, writers, and editors. All of these people are unpaid and do not ask for money from the organization. Their sole purpose is to provide original, reliable, and factual information to readers. Due to this reason, individuals search for Professional Wikipedia services to publish their articles on the website.

Here are seven amazing facts everyone must know about Wikipedia:

Facts #1 Free of Cost

The first fact about Wikipedia is free of cost. It does not charge a single penny for posting or publishing content for individuals and businesses. Wikipedia is an entirely non-profit and voluntary organization formed with an aim of providing quality content information to readers. There is no involvement of money in article publication and editors willingly do their work without any lust or greed for money. They are completely unpaid and Wikipedia strictly denies all fake rumors of paying salaries or remuneration to its members.

Facts #2 Set of Laws

Wikipedia page creation services is notoriously popular in the world due to its set of laws. These laws are unbreakable and followable for everyone. Nobody can dare to deny these rules otherwise they have to face the worst consequences.  It imposes its regulations on every new contributor to must obey without any argument.

The rules are fixed for everyone and cannot be changed in any circumstances. Wikipedia has designed these rules for keeping the standard and quality of its community platform. These guidelines are based on the ethical, moral, and behavioral attitudes of members. Some of them are grammatical and structural rules for writing.

Facts #3 Teachers Dislike Wikipedia

It is a truthful fact that teachers and academicians always dislike Wikipedia since its inception. They consider it an illegal and unfair practice to share academic information with students. It provides students with an easy way to find information and eliminates their personal habits of making notes from libraries.

Universities do not support Wikipedia Blog content and they emphasize students prepare their references from reading books. Book reading is still considered the most authentic and proven method of preparing notes for thesis research. It is an excellent source of acquiring knowledge and wisdom for students. They must read physical books and should not rely on digital content material.

Facts #4 More than 10,000 Articles

According to the sources of, Wikipedia offers more than 10,000 articles on endless topics. The counting of articles is growing regularly and it is becoming a record-breaking website for excessive quantity content production on the internet. However, it does not only meet the quantity requirements, it also focuses on the quality and standard of content articles to publish them. Wikipedia gives the right to everyone to bring a novel idea of a topic and publishes it on this encyclopedia platform. The subject must be unique and the topic must be informative to provide distinctive knowledge to the target audience.

Facts #5 Publishes Content in 300 Plus Languages

Language is an integral factor in publishing content on the Wikipedia website. It offers numerous languages that are standardized and officially spoken and written in the world. The number of languages goes beyond 300 plus and the count is still on for regional languages.

Wikipedia offers language translation services for a wide range of countries of the world. Anyone can easily translate the article from English to other languages. It also helps raises the value of visitor traffic in regional languages. Wikipedia publishes the most content in English which has a rising number of 6561,432 content pages.

Facts #6 Growing Number of Active Users

According to the current Wikipedia statistics, the existing number of active visitors is 122, 290. They are all listed and registered members of Wikipedia who avail all perks and benefits that Wikipedia offers to them. Wikipedia is a growing community of members and contributors that work for this encyclopedia platform free of cost. They serve the mission of providing the best and finest original quality of content to readers.

Facts #7 Final Content Appears on the Featured Article

Writing on Wikipedia has a long journey. It encounters a lot of obstacles and hurdles in the way of reaching to the destination. The destination of every article is the appearance on the front page of the Wikipedia featured article. It gives a special value to your content and makes it premium for readers.


Hence, in a nutshell, these mentioned above are interesting facts to know and understand about Wikipedia. It is a friendly and welcoming online encyclopedia community for everyone. Wikipedia invites people to gain knowledge and wisdom. It collects and compiles information from various sources and delivers it to the audience. These facts are based on truth and reality and can be verified from any reliable website source on the internet



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