Dolores Madrigal

Dolores Madrigal is a character from the Disney film Encanto. She is the eldest daughter of Felix and Pepa Madrigal, and was born with enhanced hearing. This enabled her to perform a wide variety of music. When she was younger, she toured Spain and sang with the local musicians.


In Dolores Madrigal’s acclaimed novel, “Mirabel,” we learn that a woman’s strength is often her greatest weakness. Luisa, Mirabel’s mother, is constantly trying to prove her worth, so she often gives back-breaking hugs to her daughters. Her power also comes with huge expectations, which Luisa ultimately failed to meet.

Dolores Madrigal is the eldest daughter of Felix and Pepa. has two siblings, Camilo and Antonio, and a niece, Julieta. She is also a cousin of Bruno, Agustin, and Luisa. She shares a nursery with Isabela and Luisa, two years younger than her.

Earlier in the novel, Mirabel is talking to the Town Kids about her family. Abuela Alma, who is standing outside the door of the Casita, hears her. One of the kids tells her that Mirabel was about to tell her about a magical gift. But before she can reveal it, Dolores appears at her side, telling the kids that Mirabel had not received the gift. She also leaves the room just as a group of guests arrives at Antonio’s party.

The children are not the only ones with special powers. Dolores’ daughter, Isabela, has the ability to create plants and flowers. Her brother, Antonio, has the ability to shape-shift. In addition, Dolores is a genius at knowing gossip. She also has a gift for predicting the future. However, most of her visions are bad.

In the novel, Mirabel’s parents do not love each other, and the Madrigals’ children are not able to accept this. They love each other, but are unable to share their feelings with each other. Nevertheless, they honor each other by giving Mirabel a special doorknob to replace the one on the front door. This way, the Casita is restored and Mirabel’s family is reunited.


Dolores Madrigal is a woman with extraordinary abilities. She has the gift of enhanced hearing. She is often quiet, but she does have moments of emotional weakness. One such time was when she discovered that Mariano was engaged to someone else. Her love for Mariano was crushed when Bruno told her, and she stopped expressing her feelings for him. She kept her feelings hidden from others, and she often had to tell herself that she was fine with Isabela and Mariano’s engagement.

Dolores Madrigal is the eldest daughter of Pepa and Felix Madrigal. She is tall, with long brown hair adorned with a red bow. As the oldest child, Dolores is quiet and does not like to gossip, even though she has enhanced hearing.

Dolores Madrigal is a 21-year-old Colombian woman with brown eyes and curly brown hair. She wears a white shirt with golden trim and a red skirt with light-red and yellow streaks. She also wears a red choker and gold earrings. Her shoes are red. Her hair is adorned with a big red bow. The adornments that she wears symbolize her power to hear.

Dolores shares a very close relationship with her family. She is protective of her siblings and family members. She is especially attentive to her younger brothers. Her protective nature comes through in her behavior and she doesn’t seem to mind the antics of her younger brother, Camilo. However, when the Casita begins to crumble, Dolores instinctively puts her arm around Camilo to comfort him. She also obeys Alma’s orders. She also takes care of her Abuela during the collapse of the Casita, sitting her on debris to calm her down.

Dolores has a secret that she hides from her family. For years, she could hear Bruno’s voice in the walls, but she did not tell her family about it. Eventually, she “weaponized” Mirabel in order to expose Bruno’s vision. Her sisters, Isabela and Mariano, played by Diane Guerrero and Maluma, are suspicious of her motives. Dolores has feelings for Isabela and Mariano, but she also resents Isabela’s feelings for Mariano.


Camilo Madrigal is the middle child of Felix and Pepa Madrigal. He is a goofball who uses his shapeshifting powers to play pranks on his family and friends. His parents scold him for being so goofy.

The Madrigal family has four children, Antonio, Dolores, Camilo, and Mirabel. Camilo is the middle child, and the youngest. Dolores is the oldest, and her older brother Antonio is the second-oldest. Their son, Camilo, can disguise himself as anyone in the family.

After the Madrigals moved to Spain, Camilo’s father died. The family had lived in a tiny house on a hill in the town of Aguado. The Madrigals were poor and desperately needed some help. Their house was in a shambles, and the family had been struggling. Fortunately, they found help. The town came together to help the Madrigals.

In Camilo Dolores Madrigal, Camilo is a shapeshifter, and he uses this power for fun. His sister, Mirabel, does not have magical power, but does possess superhuman hearing. She also knows gossip. Although she lacks the powers of the other two, she is determined to help Camilo and his family save their family.

The Madrigals are searching for Mirabel when their house is destroyed. Dolores tries to protect Camilo, but she is unable to find her sister. The Madrigals then spread out to search for her. After searching for Mirabel, the Madrigals discover that they’ve lost the magic that enabled them to hear the other people in the town.

is the mother of Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel. Julieta is the healer in the family and helps others. Julieta is also the cook, and she uses cooking as a therapy to heal people.

Abuelo Pedro

Alma Madrigal, or simply “Abuela,” is the matriarch of the Madrigal family. She controls the magic within the Madrigal household with the help of a miracle candle. She lost her husband Pedro when she was a child, and Pedro’s sacrifice allowed the Madrigal family to have a miracle and build a home.

The Madrigal family is made up of three generations. The youngest is Bruno, a son of Alma and Pedro. His name means “black sheep” in Spanish. He had the power of precognition, which made him see dark things in the future. When the war broke out, he led his family to safety in a small casita. Sadly, he died at the hands of soldiers. However, his noble sacrifice allowed the Madrigal family to have a miracle and a village to be built.

Dolores Madrigal is the oldest daughter of Alma and Pedro Madrigal. She has a super-hearing ability, and she always knows what’s happening around the town. In addition to her abilities, she secretly loves Mariano Guzman.

Mirabel runs away from the Madrigals when her grandfather is murdered, but she manages to find her, crying, at the river. Mirabel says that her grandfather sent her to help her, and they reconcile. They start a new life together, and they work to rebuild their Casita.

During the construction of the Casita, Dolores Madrigal meets Mariano, a man who lives in the same village. Both of them are a part of the Madrigals’ family, and each has a superhuman ability.


Isabela Dolores Madrigal is one of the most well-known Spanish actresses. She has a close relationship with her family. She is protective of them and is seen mostly around her younger brother, Camilo. Although the two are very different in personality, they share similar traits and characteristics. While Dolores does not seem bothered by Camilo’s antics, she does instinctively put an arm around him when the Casita starts to crumble. She also obeys her mother, Alma, and she does what Alma says. When her mother’s house collapses, she takes care of her family, including Abuela. She sits on the debris to calm Abuela, as well as watching over her siblings.

Dolores’ relationship with Isabella differs from that of her other siblings. While Isabela is always flirting with her sisters, Dolores is reserved and has more responsibility. She has super hearing and has a keen sense of what is going on around her sister. She even hears some of her darkest secrets. Meanwhile, Isabela has feelings for Mariano, and Dolores tries to convince Isabella to marry him.

In a way, Isabela is able to deal with her guilt. She has been keeping the secret of Tio Bruno for four and a half years. She is also determined to find her daughter. After all, if Julieta had not protested, Isabela would have been exiled from her family and her country.

Dolores’ relationship with Mariano is not as complicated as it appears. The two share the same mother. They are close in age and their mother and sister love each other deeply. Her feelings for Mariano develop after the Casita collapses.

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