Happy Teriyaki in Longwood, Oregon

Happy Teriyaki is located in Longwood. The restaurant serves Japanese cuisine and sushi. It accepts online orders for delivery. The menu can be viewed and ordered online. Additional items and special preparations can be ordered for an additional fee. For the best teriyaki and sushi in Longwood, order online.

Ordering online from Happy Teriyaki

Happy Teriyaki offers delivery in the Pleasant Grove area. However, it is important to note that delivery may not be available in every part of town. To get your order to your door, you can order through Uber Eats or the Happy Teriyaki website. Once your order is complete, you can review it to ensure it’s exactly what you wanted.

Delivery fees

If you live in Portland, you can now use the Uber Eats app to order Happy Teriyaki delivery. But be aware that this food delivery service may not be available everywhere. In order to find out if this restaurant delivers to your area, you can enter your address below. Or, you can go online to view the menu and place your order.


The Chang family came to the US from South Korea in 1980 and began a successful restaurant business. The Changs opened four locations in the Portland area before settling in Menlo Park, Oregon. Today, they only own one restaurant, but they have retained the Happy Teriyaki trade name in Oregon.

The franchise has grown to become extremely popular in the Treasure Valley. In Boise alone, Happy Teriyaki has opened multiple locations. The growth has been incredible, and local entrepreneurs are taking notice. This is a great opportunity for those interested in a teriyaki restaurant franchise.

The teriyaki sauce is one of the restaurant’s unique features. The sauce is made with the highest quality ingredients, including shiitake mushrooms. The California Sushi and Teriyaki location is located at 416 E Main St. (93454). It’s also on Facebook.

Happy Teriyaki employees make an average hourly wage of $46, ranging from around $40 to $53. Salaries vary by position, location, and education level. The average salary at Happy Teriyaki depends on the location, job title, and job description. The company’s pay range is also based on experience and skills.

Happy Teriyaki is a Seattle-style teriyaki restaurant that offers tasty food in large portions at a reasonable price. The menu includes chicken katsu, beef teriyaki, pork Yakisoba noodles, crunchy tempura prawns, and more. It also serves popular Chinese dishes.


Happy Teriyaki has become a well-known restaurant in the Treasure Valley. If you’re a foodie, you might want to try its exciting menu. The Japanese restaurant specializes in sushi and teriyaki dishes, and it’s a must-try for foodies. The menu has several options, including yakitori (seafood), teriyaki (grilled meat), and yakitori (grilled vegetables).

You can check out the menu online and order a take-out or delivery order. The most popular items include Teriyaki Chicken, 7 Pieces Gyoza (Pot Stickers), and Chicken Yakisoba. Happy Teriyaki has delivery services in the greater Portland area and through Postmates.

You can also order for delivery through Uber Eats. The menu may not be available everywhere in Pleasant Grove, but if you live near the restaurant, you can place your order through the Uber Eats app. Alternatively, you can order online through the Uber Eats website. Once you receive your order, you can review it online to make sure that it meets your expectations.

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