LOCAL Design Studios + Gallery by Lila Hayes

Lila Hayes is a talented artist, and she has become a famous personality at a very young age. She hopes to grow up to be an average height for her age group. She is the youngest of six children. Hayes was born in California. She has a great talent for painting, and her works have been shown in a variety of media.

Located in West Vickery, New York, LOCAL Design Studios + Gallery by Lil and Hayes serves as a headquarters for six women-owned businesses. The space consists of office and warehouse space as well as a storefront open to the public every Wednesday. The space was designed to feel larger than it actually is, so the owners chose a color palette that is neutral and bright, but not overwhelming.

Located in West Vickery, New York, LOCAL Design Studios + Gallery was designed to showcase local artists’ work. The studios’ interiors have an airy neutral palette and feature work by a rotating roster of local artists. All of the artwork is for sale. Throughout the year, the studio has hosted artists like Mimi Clemons, Ginger Walker, and Heather Essian. The space is also painted a deep blue, which gives the space a calming effect.

The LOCAL Design Studios + Gallery is a collaborative effort of five women-owned businesses. All five started in the home of one of the founders, but will soon expand into a larger space. The space was designed by the two women.

Casey and Galati met in Peru, where they attended a trade show for Pima cotton. They then began making clothing for children and expanded into playwear and even men’s sleepwear. They started out selling their creations at local trunk shows and gift markets.

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