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The GBP To PLN Exchange Rate: What You Need To Know

In today’s economy, one currency is worth more than any other. That currency is the British Pound. And as the Brexit vote demonstrated, it can be a volatile currency. So what does that mean for you? It means that you must be aware of the GBP to PLN exchange rate when you’re buying or selling in pounds. This rate is constantly changing, so keep up to date with it. In addition, this information can also help you spot potential currency risks before they become too big a problem.

What is the GBP To PLN Exchange Rate?

The GBP To PLN exchange rate is currently hovering around 1.5 PLN to the British Pound. If you want to exchange £100 in British Pounds for Polish Zlotys, you will need to pay approximately 150 zlotys.

One reason for this high exchange rate is that the Polish Zloty is pegged to the Euro – meaning that one Polish Zloty equals one Euro. The Polish government has pledged not to devalue its currency and keep it at a stable value against other currencies, which has helped maintain the peg. However, there are some indications that the Euro may be weak against other currencies, which could decrease the Polish Zloty’s value against other currencies in the future.

The GBP To PLN Exchange Rate History

The GBP to PLN exchange rate history, can be traced back to 1985. At the time, the Pound was divided into 100 pence, and the Polish Zloty was also divided into 100 groszy.

In 1994, the exchange rate between the British Pound and Polish Zloty was set at 10 zlotych to one Pound. However, over time this exchange rate has fluctuated a great deal, reaching as high as 24 zlotych to one Pound in 2007. In 2016, it stood at just 1.27 zloty to one Pound.

What Factors Affect the GBP To PLN Exchange Rate?

Several factors, including the strength of the British Pound against the Polish złoty, global economic conditions, and political events, determine the GBP to PLN exchange rate. The Pound sterling has been weak against other major currencies recently and has lost about 10% of its value against the Polish złoty. In addition, Poland’s economy is growing more slowly than most EU countries, and there are concerns that its banking system may be fragile. On the other hand, global economic conditions are improving, which could help to support the GBP/PLN exchange rate. The GBP/PLN exchange rate also depends on political events; for example, transferring Poland’s sovereignty over some national assets to Brussels could increase demand for Polish Zloty and lower rates for British pounds.

How to Convert GBP to PLN

A British pound (GBP) is worth about Polish Zloty (PLN) on the open market. To convert GBP to PLN, multiply the GBP value by 2.47. For example, if you want to convert £100 to PLN, multiply 100 by 2.47 to get 137.48 PLN.


If you’re looking to take your money overseas, the GBP to PLN exchange rate can be helpful. This article provides an overview of what you need to know to calculate and use this rate when making your transactions. Remember that the GBP to PLN exchange rate is always subject to change, so it’s important to check current conversion rates before making any purchases or transfers.



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