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These are 4 reasons why you should consider using PowerPoint presentations.

Commonly Used Document Format

Using slides in Microsoft PowerPoint, a popular file format, is a common way to present data. It is included in the Microsoft Office suite and compatible with Google Slides, Keynote, and other free presentation programs.

Several surveys and studies on the prevalence of presentation programs indicate that PowerPoint is already pre-installed on more than a billion devices across the globe. Over 30 million PowerPoint presentations are supposedly made every day.

Using such a well-known and ubiquitous piece of software has the obvious benefit of making it likely that your presenting partner will already be comfortable with it. If you want a free PowerPoint download, please visit the link.

Many choices for exporting files

PowerPoint’s flexibility in exporting the whole presentation and individual slides into different file types is a significant benefit. PowerPoint presentations may be shared across several platforms, and you have a complete say over which slides are shown.

You may transmit a presentation in whatever format you choose; the recipient doesn’t need PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer to see it.

Your document’s layout and design will remain intact once you export it to PDF. You may also save and export the presentation’s slides in.png or.jpg format.

One may save a presentation as an MP4 video file if they want. Presentations that include GIFs may be exported as Animated GIFs for easy sharing.

If you need to save your presentation or just a section of it to Word, you can always use the print function. After exporting to Word, you may make changes before sending the document to the printer.

Depending on your chosen method, you can export the whole presentation or only a subset of the slides. A presentation may be saved and shipped in several ways, including by email attachment or over the cloud.

Offers a great deal of leeway for innovation in design

PowerPoint provides plenty of opportunities for imaginative design. For instance, you may take advantage of its visual hierarchy capabilities while making presentations. With this function, you can ensure that the correct parts of your page get the most attention.

Combining forms, building up layers, and making original use of color are some of the other hallmarks. PowerPoint also has an eyedropper tool for copying and pasting any color from the screen into your presentation.

PowerPoint’s Design Ideas function enables you to draft a slide’s content while receiving advice on enhancing it visually.

Regarding presentation design, PowerPoint is on par with industry-standard programs like Adobe InDesign. PowerPoint has built-in tools for slide design, so you can skip using other programs.

Gives You Access to Imaginative Forms

The visual appeal and effectiveness of your presentations come from their layouts. PowerPoint’s artistic themes save you the trouble of making your own.

Still, PowerPoint lets you make your templates if you’re a strong designer and want to.



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