This Is Incredibly Weird: Facebook Has Just Launched A New Feature Called ‘Touch’

facebook touch

Facebook has been doing a lot of things lately – they’ve been tweaking their homepage, they’re merging with Instagram, and now they’ve got something new up their sleeve – facebook touch. Touch is a feature that allows people to interact with posts and photos in a way that wasn’t possible before – you can tap on them to enlarge them or swipe left or right to move on. It’s an interesting addition to the platform, and we’ll be sure to check it out when it launches officially next month!

What is ‘Touch’

Facebook has just launched a new feature called ‘Touch’. Touch allows users to interact with Facebook through gestures such as touching and dragging. This is incredibly weird because it’s not something that users are used to doing on a website.

Some people are excited about the new feature because they feel that it makes Facebook more interactive. Other people are concerned about what this could mean for Facebook’s privacy policy. It’s unclear how this new feature will be used, but some speculate that it could be used to track user activity.

Overall, ‘Touch’ is an interesting new feature that we’ll have to watch closely to see how it performs and how it impacts Facebook’s privacy policy.

How to use ‘Touch’

Facebook has just launched a new feature called ‘Touch’. Touch is an experimental feature that lets you interact with Facebook using just your fingertips. You can use it to scroll through your posts, like on a touchscreen device, or pinch and zoom to see more detail in a photo.

Touch is only available on desktops at this time, but Facebook is working on making it available on mobile devices as well. The company is also exploring ways to use Touch to help people with disabilities interact with Facebook. So far, Touch has been popular with people who use their hands a lot for work, such as doctors and engineers.

What Facebook is hoping to achieve with ‘Touch’

Facebook has just launched a new feature called ‘Touch’. The purpose of this new feature is to allow users to interact with the website by simply touching and dragging objects around.

While it’s unclear exactly what Facebook plans to use ‘Touch’ for, it seems likely that the social media site will use it in tandem with its other features such as ‘Page Posts’ and ‘Events’.

Whether or not you think ‘Touch’ is a useful addition to Facebook remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure – the social media site is definitely testing the waters with this new feature.

The potential consequences of Facebook’s ‘Touch’

Facebook has just launched a new feature called “Touch.” What is “Touch?” Facebook hasn’t released too much information about it, but they say that it is a way to make the site more “responsive.” What does that mean? Apparently, it means that the site will be more responsive to how you’re interacting with it. For example, if you’re on a mobile device and you want to scroll down your newsfeed, Facebook says that they’ll make the page scroll like a normal website would.

There are definitely some potential consequences of this new feature. For one, it could potentially lead to people spending more time on Facebook because it’s easier to use. It could also lead to people spending more time on Facebook because they don’t have to worry about accidentally touching the wrong thing. And lastly, it could lead to people sharing more personal information on because it’s easier for them to share things

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