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Whiteboard Animation Video: Avoid It! (Prior to Reading This)

Do you think it’s wise to include a whiteboard video in your marketing? After understanding this, you should definitely think again.

Whiteboard video animation might be superb but it is not what you might be needing for your business. Don’t get us wrong here.

We’ll explain today when not to utilize a whiteboard video so that you’re not left hanging and without resources in a component that just isn’t intended to meet your needs. Let’s just dive right in!

Do you want More Explanations

Think about whiteboard animation as being in the same category as movies. Genres give you a sneak peek of what to anticipate even before you see something. Watching a western, the only things you can pretty much bet on are Texan hats and noon fights.

We feel dissatisfied and give a movie a poor review when it falls short of our expectations. We consequently claim that “it didn’t feel” like the kind of movie we needed to watch.

But the same holds true for recordings of whiteboard animation.

The black on white style functions as a memory assist to help readers understand and recall your material rather than being used to save money on ink. You won’t ever have another whiteboard video animation company if you get rid of it. In light of this, whiteboard animation is most definitely not what you’re looking for if your movie’s concept calls for a large number of animated figures scattered across the screen.

If your requirement is a short video

The main goal of a whiteboard movie is to clearly convey your idea through amusing narration and eye-catching graphics, giving it relevance and credibility. Giving those portions plenty of breathing area before and after each step is necessary as a result. Perhaps “eradicate the board” is required before going on to the next scenario.

Additionally, use whiteboard animation videos judiciously if you absolutely need a quick in-and-out video ad or marketing item that lasts for one second or less. It takes a little bit longer to enter this slower-moving style.

Developing Relationships with Younger People

By combining a slower tempo and a somewhat high contrast, whiteboard animation does what they do best. They end up being a huge aid in structuring your ideas. The issue is that younger buyers, who often choose more restrained, more expensive items, need more engaging components, like this virtual entertainment campaign we developed.

Whiteboard animation is not the best choice if you’re trying to engage and attract a Gen-Z or younger audience.

Message is Straightforward

Whiteboard animation has the unique ability to make complex concepts understandable in a way that is quite simple. However, what happens when your message is… plain-spoken? Choosing this look is probably a bad choice.

Think of it in terms of similar opposing energies: a complicated notion is better grasped by a smoother, cleaned-up piece, whereas simple subjects benefit from visually rich, detailed recordings.

Whiteboard recordings also focus on keeping things simple and effective, including eliminating pauses to keep the audience’s attention where you need it. A flashier video style would certainly assist your message if it is currently very clear.

If You Want to Make Connections

Be clear, illogical, and rational. Despite this, they are all very similar to the look of an animated whiteboard. Awesome, energetic, and stale? But, really, no.

You should choose anything different than a whiteboard movie if you want your movie to be a breath-taking work that captures viewers’ attention in a matter of seconds with vivid pictures and swiftly moving scenes.

Looking for Emotions

You may employ a variety of showing video strategies to influence your audience. Not one of these is a recording from a whiteboard. Remember what we stated earlier about classification, though: if your movie lacks the essential elements that define a whiteboard video, it isn’t one. Online, there are surely a lot of films with strong emotions and contrasts.

The whiteboard animation equation now has a popular solution that is worth focusing on (we’ll talk about it in a bit). However, other from that, this strategy doesn’t really work to evoke a personal response in the audiences.

If You Really Want a Short Video Promotion

A compelling promotional film or video promotion has to be both long and concise in order to be successful. Additionally, you have far less time to deal with commercials for online entertainment because even YouTube limits non-shippable advertisements to under thirty seconds! They are meant to appear quickly, draw people’s attention to you by projecting your picture, and then vanish without sticking around for very long. Whiteboard recordings require more time than that to be successful, as we have already explained. Choose a different approach for your video advertising if you are working with a limited time period for this tactic.

You Must Highlight a Product’s Strengths

Item recordings are a particular kind of marketing video created to emphasize the key advantages of your product. Item recordings, as opposed to explainers, which employ a narrative equation to deliver a message, are related with highlighting your item’s highlights in actual contexts.

For things like applications or programming phases, we often utilize film or 2D movement, and for real items, we employ really realistic film and 3D animation. However, if you want to show viewers that your product can accomplish all they’re searching for and more by emphasizing its capabilities, a whiteboard animation movie is definitely not the style you’re going for.


While a fantastic whiteboard animation film may do a lot of things for you and your reputation, the format is certainly not appropriate for all showcasing situations! There’s probably a better choice out there for you if you only need a quick promotion, want a stunning film, or just have some ideas for your piece that don’t fit with the shows in the style.



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